Welcome to the documentation of the MotorScript Compiler. This documentation contains details about how the compiler works and details about the grammar and syntax of the language.

Please note that MotorScript is experimental and may be unstable. Read more about this in the development note.

What is MotorScript?

MotorScript is a simple programming language that compiles to Minecraft functions. It's meant to help you develop your Minecraft functions faster, in a more convenient way. It's especially useful for map makers who are working on large-scale projects.

Notable features:

  • 99% type safety which means that you'll catch a lot of errors at compile-time.
  • Just like any programming language: if statements, loops, multi-line statements, etc.
  • Far, far more easy to read and understand than regular Minecraft functions.

Compare the following two snippets, they work exactly the same:

// MotorScript code
as @e
    if @s.score("my_objective") >= 5
        \tellraw(@a, "Score of ", @s, " is 5 or more")
        \tellraw(@a, "Score of ", @s, " is less than 5")
# Minecraft functions
execute as @e if score @s my_objective matches 5.. run tellraw @a ["Score of",{"selector":"@s"}," is 5 or more"]
execute as @e unless score @s my_objective matches 5.. run tellraw @a ["Score of",{"selector":"@s"}," is less than 5"]

You can compare MotorScript to older, inactive projects like Command Block Parser by ZipKrowd or Redstone Programming Language by tossha.


The game "Minecraft" can be customized by executing in-game commands. With the release of Minecraft: Java Edition 1.12 the function system got introduced. This allows players to run a list of commands using plain text files instead of having to deal with command blocks. Still, when you're working on a big project, it can be really tedious and time consuming having to write every command, step by step. However, the commands that you can enter in those .mcfunction files, are still the regular commands that one would enter in the chat bar or a command block. It's just a way to speed up command execution.

With MotorScript, the whole perspective of vanilla Minecraft programming might change. MotorScript provides a real programming language which targets the Minecraft functions. MotorScript actually compiles one or more input files to a datapack containing a bunch of .mcfunction files.

The aim is to provide a more convenient way to organize the programming part of map making or Minecraft programming. Programming in MotorScript won't limit you in any way.


Don't put your expectations too high on MotorScript. It's a programming language, but actually acts more like a preprocessor that outputs function files. This means that at this point no advanced features like subroutines are supported (only using the unsafe call statement, at your own risk). The same goes for complex run-time data structures, or run-time string operations. Theoretically it's all possible. But that's simply not implemented at this point in time, and won't likely be any time soon. For now, you have to be creative and come up with your own solutions. Just like you have to do when you're using plain function files.

Development note

The current version is just called 1.0-SNAPSHOT, and that means that there is no release. At this point in time, nothing is fixed or definitive. Anything might change at any point in time, without notice.

As this has been a project as an assingment for school (which I have finished), I do not intend to make any major progress any more. The project will be availabe as-is, without any guarantee about further development. At least for now, the development of this proof-of-concept version will likely not continue, as it is only just a proof-of-concept version. In the future, I might start doing this project all over, but likely in a different programming language than Java.